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Seal of one of Solomons Orders

From my own book archive;

The Crusaders by Kurt Villads Jensen [Danish Book] -  ISBN  87-567-7567-9
Builders of the Old World
The story of the nations - Ancient Egypt (dates to - 1887)
Chronicle of the Pharaohsby Peter A. Clayton - ISBN 0-500-05074-0
GUIDEBOOK - The Luxor museum of Ancient Egyptian art 
                       - Egyptian antiquities organization arab republic of Egypt
The Complete Valley of the Kings - By Nicholas reeves - Richard h. Wilkinson 
ISBN  977-424-735-3
The story of the nations - The Barbary Corsairs (dates to - 1890)
The Encyclopedia of world mythology - ISBN 0-075258-444-8
  The Louvre - From Hugh Lauter Levin Associates Inc. ISBN 0-88363-504-6
  World Mythology - illustrating guide by Roy Willis [Danish Book] ISBN 87-621-0155-2
                                        Symbolic Dictionary, J.C. Cooper 2.edition - ISBN 87-567-5663-1
                                        Mythology Dictionary - Gyldendal 
[Danish Book] - ISBN  87-00-33286-0
                                        The Key of Solomon the King - S. Liddell Macgregor Mathers  ISBN  1-58509-022-0


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