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Turmoil in the Holy Land

Evidence in themselves could in fact be explaining something different, than what the ‘common view today is’. Many people state that the templar knights were first introduced into our history around 1112 A.D which is probably one falsehood. The templar knights were great soldiers gathered to protect the ark, but also to protect the holy temple of King Solomon. Actually, every little piece of history is linked together, in a very detailed way. And this is what I am illustrating in this article, so I hope you don’t get too confused by my way of explaining things.
Now even to understand King Solomon, one has to read different fact from different periods in our history. Some believe King Solomon lived after A.D this is incorrect. This we know from the MSS. (manuscripts) number 10,862 – 1307 and 3091, there is even more at the British museum (/library). S. Liddell Macgreagor and Waite translated the MSS. The manuscripts date from around the seventeenth century and going two centuries back, a lot of people still argue about who is right and who is wrong. Where I say to myself, we All process some truth, it is just gathering the right info. We have to follow the flow of information, going from way back until now.

Solomons seals

  1. 1 Kings Chapter 1.
  2. 1 Kings Chapter 9.
  3. 1 Kings Chapter 10.
  4. Classification of demons.
  5. The star of David.
  6. Goetia.
  7. Sloane 3847. revealed by Ptolomy the Grecian.
Solomons Seals
I was looking through my Solomon MS-books as I was trying to find some more positive symbols to illustrate here. I fell upon the third Pentacle of Venus, which is one of the above Pentacle’s. The two Pentacle’s where placed at the bottom of the page,
 but it was the above Pentacle’s that really surprised me.
Which here are illustrated below.
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Ethiopias Symbols

Ethiopias Templars
Fig 1. Order Unknnown
Templar Knights Symbol.

Ethiopias Templars
There is a much deeper story to why Ethiopia have the legends of the Templar orders. More about this will be written under the name
'Article Nr #2'  - This article will be uploaded very soon..


The Order of Sheba

"I desire wisdom and my heart seeketh to find understanding. I am smitten with the love of wisdom.... for wisdom is far better than treasure of gold and silver... It is sweeter than honey, and it maketh one to rejoice more than wine, and it illumineth more than the sun.... It is a source of joy for the heart, and a bright and shining light for the eyes, and a giver of speed to the feet, and a shield for the breast, and a helmet for the head... It makes the ears to hear and hearts to understand." 

  1. Ethiopia's earliest dynasties reigned when the pharoahs ruled Egypt.
  2. Legends of the Queen of Sheba are common throughout Arabia, Persia, Ethiopia and Israel. In Arabian tradition, Balkis (Another name for Sheba/Saba) ruled
  3. The Order of the Queen of Sheba as presented to Irving's wife, Diana S. McWherter.From Irving L. McWherter (69-71)
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