Barbary Pirates
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The knights Emerge

three Knighst asleep by Jesus grave from 1100 ADKnights have and shall always be around. And no he is not like the soldier and his action goes beyond a soldiers. They stand when others dares not to, they stand not behind a ton of armory, but they will react in a more personal way - more memorable. They Are true noble people and their code goes much further than a military code. 

There is much more to all of this which you have read, than I could ever possible write in an article. But here you will at least see a detailed pattern of how empire moves through 'the vision' of man, the legacy of the Roma dream..

In fact after the Romans, the popes got a good hold of people and their beliefs. Because they too did not like each other, they sent their knights forth to 'redeem what they called evil'.

I cannot see which country did not partake in the wars that have been lead from 200 B.C up until 1000 A.D, there seem to be so many. Even the Arabs have templar knights, which all people have (kind of like a guardian angel, one that stands when no other will.)
I could give you all detail account of the wars and such, but I won't because I am personally fed up with war of any sort.
Blessed are we all!


Barbary pirates, also called The corsairs


Even the Corsairs (Barbary Pirates) could be seen as a form of knighthood, just defending their own people and their rights. The best word that suits these people are 'privateers', which were people that privately owned their own ship, with large crew and all. They were usually authorized by their own country's government to attack, and seize cargo from another country's ship (Pretty much like today's military operation)
The Corsairs had their kingdom in North Africa, in old books it is said to be the island of Barbary. 'Once the countries, which we now know as Tunis, Algiers and Morocco, stood up abruptly as an island, with a comparatively small lake washing its Northern shore, and a huge ocean on the south (see the map). That ocean is now the Sahra or Sáhara, which engineers dream of again flooding with salt water, and so forming an inland African sea'.

Meanwhile the Corsairs lived out on the sea, they were probably not aware of what was happening on land. Religion had made it roots in everyone, making all men to be like Gain and Able. One wants this and another one wants that, in return they see not what others loose by their choice. Horses were being used as the foremost mean of transportation, and would also become All knights' transportation. On land people began to use 'politic' to control (the word of mouth), but not just any people, mostly the higher ranking 'religious figures'.

                          Galleon of the 15th century   - Fig 1.         Tunis in the 16th century - Fig 2.

Fig 1. - Galleon of the 15th century (Jurien de la Graviére.)
Fig 2. - Tunis in the 16th century. (Sphére des deux Mondes, 1555.)

Barbary pirates and the U.S. Navy

In 1783 the USA made peace with and was recognized by Britain, and in 1784 the first American ship was captured by pirates from Morocco. The stars and stripes was a new flag to them. After six months of negotiation, a treaty was signed, $60,000 cash was paid, and trade began. Morocco was the first independent nation to recognize the USA.
- From 

Then in 1095 AD., a curtain Pope Urban II (Rome - Italy) suddenly launched something which would make way for the 'modern westerns', he launched the 'First Crusades' - "with the stated goal of capturing the sacred city of Jerusalem and the Holy Land from Muslims."
It would also be under the First Crusades that their own people back home, started to highly doubt their moral concerns.

MeanWhile ; Both Syrian and the Moors were both Muslims, which ruled just before the time of 'democracy'. Some times all priest of the different religions, would get too opposite about something the 'others' had done, they thereby wanted 'justice'.
Until the early 20th century "Moor" was often used by Western geographers to refer to "mixed" Arab-Berber North Africans, especially of the towns, as distinct from supposedly more pure-blooded Arabs and Berbers; thus the 1911 Encyclopædia Britannica defines "Moor" as "the name which, as at present used, is loosely applied to any native of Morocco, but in its stricter sense only to the townsmen of mixed descent. In this sense it is also used of the Muslim townsmen in the other Barbary states." But even then, it recognized that "the term Moors has no real ethnological value."

Both Syrian and the Moors were both Muslims, which ruled just before the time of 'democracy'. Some times all priest of the different religions, would get too opposite about something the 'others' had done, they thereby wanted 'justice'. The Moors lived in Spain, and had two main cities called Bara and Serjilla. I hope you can see how deeply and silly the reasons are for these wars -  which apparently keep continuing. When Pope Urban II (1095-98 AD.) gave all of his speeches, a Muslim man named Yaghi-Siyan was governor in Syrian.

                                                       - Fig 3.

Fig. 3 - This mosque was finished around 990 AD, after it had taken over 200 years of building.
             In the year 1236 Christians Knight sieges the mosque and changed it into a church.

                                     Meetings of knighthood                Europe tribes before the nations

           Knights fighting from a French hand scripture 1337 AD   Knights fighting 1300 AD

Pope Urban II employed Raymond IV of Toulouse, the Count of Toulouse, and Duke of Narbonne, to lead under the first crusade. And it would be by the hands of Raymond IV, and Godfrey of Bouillon, and Bohemund I, that the templar's lost a lot of faith, among the people. In the The Siege of Antioch (a Muslim city) the three generals could not agree on how to proceed with their assault. One wanted to fight them head on - direct assault, but the others wanted to siege the city. No matter what, the city holds their ground, which made them successful in the first assault. This must have pained the crusaders even more, because of their lack of food. By the end of the first siege, the crusaders only had 700 horses left, and 1 out of 7 men were starving (pretty much like what happened during the 2nd world war - 6 million Germans starving slowly, which was the only reason that made Hitler a 'Great man among the Germans in those days'). Even within the templar orders there are ranks (like the animal kingdom, where the highest gets first and most, and the left over's are left for the weaker - this is a normal behavior, when survival comes into play). This would mean that the bellies getting fed were the most powerful knights, mostly generals and any key knights. (They strategy looked very much like the modern military, - evolution within 'war'.) 
Supposedly the order named 'People's Crusade'' (they called themselves for Little Brothers of the Poor) which was led by Peter the Hermit, became so starved that they turned to cannibalism, eating the bodies of the Turks which they had killed. It was a massacred of the Turks living in Ma'arrat al-Numan/ Antioch, it is said that 20.000 Turks lost their lives under this Massac.

                                                                                   Godfrey of Bouillon

Personal Note:  

In the book 'Builders of the old world' it also goes a little bit into these events around 1000 AD (more exact what happened right after - from around 1099 AD.)
Here it speaks about st. Francis (which I personally think is pretty interesting, because this liked much into the next article which I am writing, that I call 'The Inquisition Vs. Stigmata'.)
Actually in this book we see the events a little rewritten, it states nothing about killing anyone, but it does state what Pope Urban II probably said at the meeting at Clermont in France in 1095 AD.

At Clermont court Pope Urban II supposedly said; (Page 270 - 271)

"Christian warriors," said the Pope, "On whom is the labor of avenging these wrongs and recovering this territory, if not upon you? Take ye the road to Jerusalem for the remission of your sins. "If ye are hindered by love of children, parents, or wives, let none of your possessions detain you, no solicitude for your family affairs. Remember what the Lord says in the Gospel, 'He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me.' And again, 'Everyone that hath forsaken houses, or brethren, or sister, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands, for my sake, shall receive a hundredfold and shall inherit everlasting life.'"
Actually here it blames the citizens of Ma'arrat al-Numan/Antioch for killing many from the 'People's Crusade', a rather opposite version of what happened.
On Page 272 - 272 it states;
On a beautiful June morning in 1099 AD the walls of the Holy City came in sight. For three long years the Crusaders had toiled and suffered in the hope of reaching it. Now it lay before them. The flat white roofs of the houses shone in the bright sunlight. The round domes and the tall, slender minarets of the Mohammedan mosques stood out against the clear blue sky. With battering/rams the Crusaders broke great holes in the walls of the city; with hurling-machines they threw showers of stones; their archers shot sheaves of arrows. Above all the din could be heard shouts, "It is the will of God! It is the will of God!" At last high wooden towers were pushed up against the walls, and the Crusaders swarmed over the top and took possession of the city. When the conquest was complete, they knelt at the tomb of Christ and gave thanks for their victory. Thus ended the First Crusade.

I have come to find, that each author chooses his or her truth, rarely have I seen something written more based on fact (this is more done today - documentaries television and articles and such). But looking back through time it is clear to see that there seems to be a curtain way to 'remember' history in, which seem very ignorant to me. This is again the 'winning empire' that choose to neglect curtain information, and pin point their own history records as being total fact.  Learning to be a knight    - From  'Builders  of  the  Old  World'

Written by Gertrude Hartman - It states ;  - around the 15th century - Dating from 1946

In every castle were a number of boys of noble birth who were learning to be Knights. Until he was fourteen years of age a boy served as a page. There was much for him to learn. One of the ladies of the castle had particular charge over each page.She told him stories of the saints and brave knights. She taught him good manners and the rules of knighthood. Perhaps she taught him to dance and play the lute. She made sure that her page went frequently to church.
At the age of 20 or 21 he was made a squire, and if he seemed worthy in this, he would become a knight. The ceremony was long and solemn, and every part of it had a special meaning. First, the squire bathed and put on a snow-white tunic, for he was to begin a new, clean life. Then he put on a red robe, representing the blood he might be called upon to shed in defense of the oppressed. Over this went a tight/fitting black coat, representing death, which comes to all men.

The world of knights came about through the need for keeping people in control, the kingdoms own defense. The clearest way to distinguish the ancient vs. the modern is in fact the Essen's of 'religion or belief'. The old ways the King was the KING, he or she would be Sole responsible if anything went wrong in the kingdom. The priests were only their guides, not their controller. Because of Hatshepsut, the priests were able to change that, easily. The new world, even today, it would seem as though some priest (not naming any names here, but I don't need to), can still keep a very old treaties in tack, even though they know that they are hurting children?! Not a 'good' thing. I could mention the scriptures name, which some priest still abide to, because of this the Pope protects the priest that have done wrong towards children (I will not go into which offences they have done, because we all already know, and if you choose not to believe in your children or in your neighbors children, that choice be yours when you move on.) but such a scripture that still has more affect than any Normal 'democratic chosen' law, should clearly show us all of the 'truth' we now are living, and what choices there still is - Just freaking stop it! (How can we demand from our children, that they take responsibility for their lives, if we as adults don't even see reality as is?!) 

A knight is merely the person that is mental strong enough to do the RIGHT thing (for All not just themselves), when all others dare Not To! - That be a True Knight.

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