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Is vital for the ancient knights families, they are probably descendants of, either priests or the knights. In the 16th - 17th century these knights had come and gone, their memories were collected into books/manuscripts. Now 'the people' that wanted all the worlds land under their feet, hat it all, so now they changed their tactics. Suddenly the emperors could agree to disagree without war, meaning they formed political parties and such. They are many generations rapped in together, who might be married into each others families. The word freemasons is an old name for a 'worker', everything probably started fine, but as always everything changes through time.

                                        German-Roman kingdoms   - Fig 1.                  - Fig 2.

Fig 1 This most perfect crown belonged to the German-Roman kingdoms kings, it is supposedly used for the crowing of Otto 1. in 961 AD. 

Fig 2 - This cross dates from the 6 century AD, it was found in Rhinlandet in Germany. Supposedly it means suffering and martyrs.

Personally I believe they started out different in each country, some might have been the People's Crusades, which might have been the metal workers and such that had joined together to defend their rights. Networks were made, which would last up until this day. And silent they be. Others came to be the inventors of our banking systems and such. 
Where we usually get confused is how they went from a knighthood to the freamasons, which is written in the whole article in between the lines. The evolution of the templar knights through history changed especially after 1100 AD, to become the families of the freamasons.
The best way to do this would be if there were some templar texts, which had the name of Mansons mentioned in them, this would then link them together. I haven't seen anyone give any proof of such, even thou I personally could give it (which I find most odd). I will leave out any names and such, because there is no reason for digging into something which now belongs to our past (at least not in such a manner - witch hunting's of the many sorts)

                                                               Order of Malta  - Fig 3. 

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