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King Solomons Seals and Orders

Solomons Seals
I’ll paint in some red to give a hint,

Solomon Seals
See I was going to interpret the first Pentacle’s,
but since we have such a perfect symbol in front of us,
as the symbol, which seems so much alike the most well know freamasons
(of the
Red Cross – again notice the name, and further proof on this will come).
Again we see the symbol of the Sun, Which this Pentacle also belong to.
What is more significant, is that this is the Seventh
(7 important number) and the last Pentacle of the Sun.
And here is the Editor’s Note - from the  Lansdowne MSS;
On the Arms of the Cross are written the Names of Chasan,
Angel of Air; Ariel, Angel of Fire;Phorlakh, Angel of Earth; and Taliahad. Angel of Water.


message from God

I will try and explain in short terms now (and adding longer explanations later on). The ancient way of writing, has for long been neglected, because of some scholars wanting all the fame. From the ancient Egyptian to the winking further on to the Mayan people and the Aztecs, Even mesotopoapian and Sumerian people, they All wrote in the same manner (pretty much like we do today, using our ancestors Greek alphabet), they just used symbols in a more constructive and intelligent way. A way we have been neglecting, for thousands of years. But the one thing the leading emperors’ always made sure of was that they possessed the ‘Real’ manuscript materials and other artifacts. Something happened, something big and something small at the same time, which no one could see that clear. What happened, is today we known and posses so much more knowledge. I don’t think that in the 1950, they thought about How Fast knowledge could and would travel in the realms of the technologies of copper and other chemicals.

But let me begin this key of knowledge at the main gate of our famous Jewish Cabbalist King Solomon. He was seen as a wise man, (probably this was the person that the Greeks Romans and other northerner referred to as ‘Hermes’). A lot of people believe that the MSS. are the true translation of King Solomon’s words

(Or from another much older book, which belonged to him, from his forefathers)1 .  

The short story about him goes;
Solomon was the son of King David, and his mistress Bathsheba (Bath-sheba) (dating from 1033 – 975 B.C). It is said that his father king David ruled for 40 years and his son Solomon also ruled in peace for yet another 40 years. Making this kingdom’s generations 80 years, of ruling over one land. This would correspond to that the Templar’s knight were soldiers of King Solomon and David, before B.C. And another thing worth mentioning here, would be that this is about the time where Egypt began its big decline. Solomon was the very first to receive the teachings of kabalistic writings, or so we are told. He was said that God had given him the wisdom, to talk to all animals and all plants even rocks. – And now your probably saying, year,, but what has this to do with the Freamasons?

A lot! 

Click this next text to read the start of something interesting, published for some people in the year 1880

Templar calendar

1 The text of the Sloane manuscripts are a sixteenth century (and further back) English translation of the Key of Solomon. 

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