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freamasons mysteries

King of Kings

Semitic Gods - Moon King and Sun

- Fig. 1 Semitic Gods - Moon and the Sun.

The Assyrians were Semitic people living in the northern reaches of Mesopotamia. This might seem a bit confusing in words, but so should history be. 
- I have probably confused you a lot, but everything is indeed linked together in a very detailed manner. The Freamasons or by some called Freemasons, are First borne with King David's dream of the Temple. But just 400 years before this time, the Egyptian pharaohs had their old religion in use, and the other tribal people had theirs. Like I am slowly getting at something happened, which would indeed change 'man' forever. Modern western people tend to think that they indeed know all that there is, or just the basic which they need, if just the last were true - then I ask why are there still so much confusion among man or even women?
In Article nr 2 I will indeed link this part with the Semitic people and the ancient Egyptian people’s culture into the mix, and I might reveal things which you have never heard of or even thought of. 

The Kingdom of Sheba (or Saba) is what interested me the most, because I could not really figure out where to place her in history, and since I love history, this really bugged me. So through King David and Solomon I hunted for the Queen of Sheba, which I must admit is an intriguing history lesson in itself.

1 Kings 10:14. Not many people know that King Solomon’s temple is Based upon the "Augustan Age” of the Jewish annals. In a single year he collected tribute amounting to 666 talents of gold. But we could here make a more precise statement, That the Temple and shields of Solomon was based upon the 666 tablets of gold coming from Queen Sheba’s Ethiopia. She was a Queen of the world, but apparently NOTHING from her reign has survived. But travel to every western and Asian country and you’ll meet legends about her empire everywhere. For the Islamic people, she was the wife of King Solomon. With this thought in mind, we are able to see another more politic/military situation happening. Queen Sheba was the Queen of One half of the world, King Solomon was King of the other half. 

(We could be speaking about, Why the Amazon women came to be so cruel towards men. Alexandria the Great truly feared One great warrior, from the Amazons realm. She was said to have won one battle over him, but choosing Not to kill him. This was, this warriors’ first and only mistake. This decision would end her life at the blade of Alexandria the Great. Even the Amazons history, is shattered and almost completely destroyed again there might be a bigger reason for this).


But finding information about a Queen Sheba, is very mythological, no evidence seems to exist. As the Romans and today’s Indians, they where being completely destroyed and other realms stealing their knowledge. What this article is being written for is to illustrate who we humans have been for thousands of years (Not matter color or religion or traditions).

queen sheba and king solomon
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