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Queen Sheba  
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Freemasons and knights

Mysteries Black Queen of Sheba ?

Back to our mysteries Black Queen Sheba which ruled Ethiopia around 1030 B.C. Here we see yet another correspondence, to the Templar Knights and our today Freemasons. The Templar Knights that became victories again around 1100 A.D (around 2000 years after the first and True Templar Knights). They choose to admirer the Black Madonna (Black virgin, again there could be more to this Ethiopian Queen Sheba, than we think). But there is really a lot of evidence in the surroundings, one just have to link them together (without words). To understand Queen Sheba’s kingdom one cannot read Solomon’s works, as they where made for his King line only. Even some people today states that Sheba’s reign came with the Son, she had with Solomon. When if fact it is through him that the real realm of Solomon arises, as it would seem. 

When we speak about the Queen of Sheba and her son ‘Menyelek’ we should close our Northern Bibles, and seek the Ethiopia ancient holy book called ‘Kebra Nagast’ (also referred to as "Book of the Glory of Kings".) This holy book was also considered holy, for the Abyssinia’s through several centuries. (The importance of the book, both for the kings and the people of Abyssinia, is clearly shown by the letter that King JOHN of ETHIOPIA wrote to the late Lord GRANVILLE in August, 1872. The king says: "There is a book called 'Kivera Negust' which contains the Law of the whole of ETHIOPIA, and the names of the SHÛMS [i.e. Chiefs], and Churches, and Provinces are in this book. I pray you find out who has got this book, and send it to me, for in my country my people will not obey my orders without it." (See infra, p. xxxv) .) Another thing worth noticing about North Africa, is the ancient city of Axum (properly Aksum or Aksum and from where this probably steams from, the same as Amun/Amon. Axum/Amun/Amon/Amen or what ever?..) Axum city would then have been at it’s high point’s in the days of Solomon, with a Queen ruling Sheba, and probably Solomon as king. This city became great at around 500 B.C (same time as when romans/greeks made their claim for power. It was founded by people who crossed from South Arabia (what is today Yemen). The kingdom started to decline in the 7th century AD, and the population was forced to go farther inland to the highlands, finally falling to the Zagwe dynasty in the twelfth century but Yekuno Amlak, who killed the last Zagwe king and founded the Solomonid dynasty traced his ancestry to the last king of Axum, Dil Na'od. The Aksumite kings had the official title Negusa Nagast - King of Kings. Aksumite kings traced their lineage to David, Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. This royal heritage was claimed by all Emperors of Ethiopia. 

  1. ‘Kebra Nagast’ .
  2. King JOHN of ETHIOPIA.
  3. The ancient city of Axum.
  4. Queen of Sheba - Articles.

The Ethiopian Orthodox Church claims that the Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion in Axum houses the Biblical Ark of the Covenant in which lies the Tablets of Law upon which the Ten Commandments are inscribed.

The church, in the town of Axum in Tigray Province, claims to contain the original Ark of the Covenant. According to tradition, the Ark came to Ethiopia with Menelik I after visiting his father King Solomon. Only the guardian monk may view the Ark, in accordance with the Bible accounts of     - Church of Our Lady Mary of Zion From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Just a theory;<

Well as we humans never seem to learn anything from history in itself, then we can conclude that the situation occurring, where Human-made. And as we can see a clear recognition of a ‘female-figure’ in the reigns of Solomon’s period, we can conclude that the situation occurring was among high ranking women and men. But this becomes normal human behavior, and nothing more. I Would end this article by showing some information, from one of the books that I fell upon, when looking. The officials have for such a long time now been stating that there is no such order called the Templar knight, in that statement there are in fact right. But they do exist, and will probably always exist. The key person of history is today dead, but we do have children and so on. King Solomon’s reign, should be seen as the Romans later on ‘dream’ -All under One ‘state’. (We could probably  see it today, as; The great USA and The Great China joining in marriage, and their treaties that follows both. That would make one Huge empire).
Here are the pages which I promised you - From 1870

Templar knights pages 

Another thing to keep in mind, is that Solomons mothers name was - Bathsheba (Bath-sheba)
This might become important later on

I will end this first article like this, and in the next article I will indeed reveal some things, which no one public has mentioned before. Off course people do study each their own cases, but only rarely do people try to reach out and truly study others.
 - One must be capable of both.

In the next article I will explain further about some things which I am speaking about in this article. I will reveal the Essen ’s of the numbers (or at least give you information which you probably did not included in your thoughts). I will dig deep into the kingdom of Sheba, and reveal something like “the emperor’s clothe”.  
I will reveal unto you my friend, which name went into history as the first prophets.

Before I go any further, I would like to explain, that I did not make this article to offend anybody or any religion or thought, I just followed the books which have been written through our time. I Personally Love ALL religions under this heaven, but I just have a lot of trouble in pin pointing One as thé truth. I praise all whom praise life and the love of life, I praise you for just being, and for being you. I don’t care to your mistakes, because I too have done wrong so whom am I to judge another fellow human being. If we did no wrongs at all, then we be angels? And an angel has No choice, so are we angels? And what living being does not do Everything in their power to Live, may it be plant, animal or other living being? Could we not be, brother and sisters under the heaven of this universe or dimension, and each we carry both a load of ancestral quilt and a universe of potential?

And on another note, I do NOT state that I know any truth, or am anything other than a simple student of Life. So do NOT stop by accepting my words as one truth, Seek your own, please.

Freemasons and knights
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