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Freemasons and knights freemasons and the knights
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Templar Knights


to a different kind of knowledge, a knowledge most people either don't care about, or even know about. I my self am an adventure, so I posses some of the manuscripts and older books, from the older days. Besides this, My Danish half (/family) have left us some other older books. 

New added article, Friday the 13Th.

By Karima Lachtane - WindBlower

freemasons and knights



And  Knights

Friday the 13Thin themselves are very ancient, they go even further back then what is know to us as the Templar knight, or rather they
are a part of the same group
- just modern. And what a wide assumption I just made here, without giving any proof of the given. Or is the real evidence located, just right under our noses? 

To give you the link between  ancient temple Knights and our days freemasons, I could just ask you to look at the symbolic that the two uses (/or have used). It can give you an idea as to how we stand here today, not that I am stating that this is correct (merely a theory). 
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Queen of Sheba or Saba
Fig 1. Ethiopias Holy 

The Queen of Sheba
Ethiopias ancient holy book called 'Kebra Nagast' (also referred to as "Book of the Glory of Kings".) This holy book was also considered holy, for the Abyssinia's through 
several centuries.
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Ancient Semitic Gods
Fig 2. Ancient Semitic gods
Illustrating the Moon - King - Sun
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freemasons and knights
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